Getting Started (Day 1)

So today I got to do a quick ~30 minute walk on the treadmill.  Felt pretty good and working in the pool has helped my stamina for sure.  I’m super sore from football yesterday.   Kicked for the first time in a few month and my hamstrings are not thanking me very much.  Ate pretty good until dinner time.  #SloppyJoes.


Went to Publix and bought veggies and chicken to get on track with the diet tomorrow.  Following Ryans plan as much as possible.



The Journey Begins

So tomorrow I start my journey to getting back to being healthy. I ordered a 12 week plan from the man, the myth, the legend Ryan Engel.  (You can order your custom plan here  Not an affiliate link)

THIS IS RYAN.  (Stop drooling ladies)

So I’m going to get back to a steady routine.  Something I haven’t done since I launched a few months ago.  I’ve felt a little out of it and have felt my “emotions” run a little since I’ve gone away.  This will hopefully get me back on track and in a routine that will benefit me both mentally and physically.

I plan on playing competitive level of Sunday league for one more season then just for fun after that.  I also plan on playing one more year of Semi Pro Football as well.

But the most important part is to get the routine back.  With the plan that Ryan has set forward, I should be good to go.

The plan is to write something each day on here.  But for sure at least once per week.

Talk soon!